How do you Add Emojis to Texts and Icon in Notion

Would you like to make your Notion layout more aesthetic? Well, there are several ways to do this with block layout and images, but the most transformative way is to change the icons. Notions Pizza consists of elegant emoji integration. Of course, there are competing tools that offer roughly the same functionality. However, they don’t look that good and cannot be customized.

Emoticons are fun and can add flavor to your text. Notion supports the ability to add emoji to your Notion pages.

How to add emoticons?

Here are the steps to add emoji to your description page:

  • Click the description page where you want to add an emoticon.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut to open the emoji drawer in your computer’s operating system.
  • Windows – Windows key and. (Period)
  • Mac – Control, Command and Space
  • Select the desired emoji from the emoji picker
  • Your smiley will appear on your description page

Add / change the icon

The first time you open Notion, you will find that there are emoticons in front of many main list items on the left. If you click on any of these entries, this particular emoji is displayed, which is slightly larger than normal text. If you’re wondering how to get a large, customizable emoji that also appears in the content list on the left, don’t worry. This is very easy to do.

Every Notion page or subpage has an add icon above the first heading. If you don’t see it, hover your mouse over the page title and it will appear. Click here to add a random badge. Click the newly added random icon to open a list of all available emojis. You can also upload an image of your choice or add it from the link In either case, the selected icon will appear in the content list on the left.

You can also randomly select from the Emoji menu, and a random icon will be assigned to this page / subpage. To completely remove an icon, use the Remove in the upper right corner of the emoji menu.

Add emoticons and images to the term

The term is not strict when it comes to emojis. In fact, some of the standard icons already contain emoji symbols. However, there are many other ways to make your page the way you want it. Use emoji, badge, and cover art to create the perfect workspace for you and your team.

Have you added emoji to your description page? Or do you prefer to remain professional? What does your workplace look like aesthetically? Let us know in the comments below. You can also attach a photo of your Favorite Ideas page.

Smilies on the keyboard

Now you can easily add emoticons to your page content. Just type: followed by the name of the emoji and press Enter once your character is highlighted. Some of William’s personal favorites:

  • : drooling?
  • : Shark?
  • : Are you holding hands?

Emojis by Notion

So far, you have selected emojis from your device library and there is no complete collection on many devices. Now Notion contains the entire assortment.

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