The importance of using experienced commercial interior designers for a office refurbishment

The importance of using experienced commercial interior designers for a office refurbishment

An office fit out can be an exciting new chapter or a stressful ordeal. Not only do you need to put aside a lot of time to meticulously plan for design,money and time constraints; you also need to ensure a talented,experienced set of project managers and fitters are employed to ensure the project goes to plan.

However,many companies try to save money on the project above all else by cutting corners,trying their hand at some DIY or hiring a cheap supplier. But when you use an inexperienced,sub-par contractor,the results can be less than you require. This is where the real costs of a bad office fit out come home to roost,which is the basic reason it is so important to use an experienced commercial interior designer.

Insufficient Safety

Your commercial premises have to be planned with a mind for all potential health and safety issue. This needs a full site survey from an expert who can identify potential hazards and problem areas. The planning stage of your fit out should include an appraisal of the current premises in order to design the new look around what would be safest for everyone who occupies the space. If you cut corners in the refurbishment,you risk leaving your premises with hazards that could cause costly accidents in the future.

Unexpected costs

Some things in life can be bought for a little bit of money,but an office fit out isn’t like a store brand pasta sauce. With an office re-fit,you get what you pay for,and choosing cheap,inexperienced contractors and items could end up costing you a lot more overall. Even a poorly fitted plug or uncomfortable furniture could end up costing a lot to replace,and any downtime that’s caused is likely to end up costing more than had you hired an experienced interior designer in the first instance.

Poorly motivated staff

Your staff should feel like they are a major consideration in your office fit out. After all,the look and feel of the premises is essential for boosting their comfort and enjoyment,which in turn impacts on their productivity. Even something as simple as bad colour choices can have a significant impact on their mood,and an inexperienced interior designer could well make the wrong choices. If you want to get the maximum out of your employees,you need to get the best out of your office refurbishment,and the only way this can be assured is to hire a experienced interior designer.

It is often tempting to try to cut corners to save money,but you should never compromise on quality with an office fit out. The issues raised above are just a few of the problems of working with a poor design and fit team,and these expenses far outweigh the extra financial investment you would need to make to acquire the services of a seasoned expert. Don’t put unnecessary strain on your company; go for quality of service every time.

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